Anal Bleach Prank


Get Sparkly Knickers And Add Glitter – It Gets Everywhere!

Add A Scare To Your Pair! We’ll add some creepy (plastic) spiders, it’s hilarious!

We’ve spent a ton of time to piece together this lovingly crafted anal bleach prank that we know will have both the sender and receiver giggling for days, if not weeks to come.

If you would like to send your kit recorded, we offer a recorded delivery via Royal Mail for an extra cost, but order processing times can still take between 1-3 days. This does NOT mean next day delivery. We only provide a recorded delivery service in order to increase the embarrassment factor of your victim having to sign for the anal bleach package and look the person delivering the item in the eye whilst doing so.

Our bumhole bleaching kit comes complete with a bright bubble envelope, a high-quality flyer that you can customise, some vinegar, a high quality how to change your ring tone guide and some lemon-scented wipes. You can choose to send anonymously or have us write a custom “love from” message on the card.

* Vinegar, wipes and envelope colour may vary from images depending on stock availability.

* Current processing times are 1-3 working days (excluding weekends). This does NOT include delivery time.